Re-Create Me! Manifestation Programme

Not for the faint hearted!

We put in the effort, dig deep to weed out blocks and limitations to joyful living. Working in small intimate groups we then work to get clear on what your heart truly desires and crystallise the desire with vision boards and goals constructed with the use of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic techniques.

Participants will face many challenges whilst on this programme due to issues that are hidden, denied or forgotten, but will emerge with strong, firm roots, clarity and the willpower to achieve their heartfelt desires.

Participants will be supported with one to one consultations, healing sessions and Skype calls.


Clearing – Clear old energies of the past and reset your intentions for the future using SRT, Grids, Four Bodies of Creation and Psych-K

Visioning – Getting clear about what you want your future to look like and document it through a working vision board

Making it Real – Learn how to embody your vision

Fine Tune – Learn how to re-write your mental script to support your goals

Magnify – Learn how to magnetically draw your vision into your field of reality and multiply your vibration through gratitude


A 12 month programme – £3200 (price before membership discount at 25%)

Month by Month option £360 per month (price before membership discount at 25%)


Carine Campbell




Available Workshop Dates