Living In Joy with Yoga

The 10 secret jewels to gaining Self-Mastery

  • Do you find yourself continuing to do what you promised yourselves you would never do?
  • Have you just lost your temper and screamed at our child or partner and now just feel lousy?
  • Are you feeling stuck in a dead end job or situation that is sucking you dry?
  • Have you just dug into the chocolate and now are beating yourselves up with messages of self loathing?

If you answer yes to any of the questions, then this course will help you gain the skill to choose your attitude; to choose what you think and to choose what you do: In today’s world, being human is complicated. As a spirit hanging out in a human body, balancing the potential of our unlimited dreams in our limited physical reality is not easy. We are constantly bombarded with countless confusing choices and contradictions, and balancing our own personal needs with those of society is tricky; the tendency for most of us is to feel trapped in a life disconnected from personal core values, which can confine the mind in endless superficialities.  Stress and anxieties are often daily realities and, even those who do extremely well are frequently prisoners of their own success: the more they have, the more work it takes to sustain it.  Hence, for many of us, life often feels like swimming against the tide.

Real wisdom lies in building our lives on strong foundations, keeping our own authenticity whilst living a life that is fulfilling. Each and every jewel we will explore is a powerhouse for transformation – because they are interconnected, they support each other.

Take hold of any one of the jewels and the rest will follow.  The mind gains focus, strength, and clarity. Ingrained negative habits fall away; the intellect grows in its capacity to discern, the creativity to solve problems and overcome challenges emerges, and harmony – both within


Develop a positive attitude towards yourself and others

Understand how to transform despair into hope and see opportunities in whatever comes

Discover how to conquer greed with generosity, hatred with love, anger with forgiveness

Deepen your own practice by applying those principles on and off the mat



10 x 3 hour sessions £45.00 per session



Anne Tison

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