Workshop: DNA Communication Blueprint

Breaking Down the DNA Communication Blueprint

These workshops are exclusively prepared to help iiofjoy members become aware of the 360 degree views of ‘Self’. To take the mystery out of how you are constructed in the physical and spiritual realms. It will inform you of how your sub-conscious and conscious mind, beliefs and perceptions are manifested. The astrological and scientific systems are your guides to understanding the many layers that constitute the amazing person you are.

Book on these course to learn practical steps and knowledge to help you on your journey on Mother Earth. 

Each of these sciences are a complete ideology of their own. The way the subjects are taught is to integrate an aspect of each into your life to create a new pathway that is unique to each member.



The Mayan calendar is created to help you to understand the Law of Time. The spirit aspect of you is eternal; the unknown self which is not known to you or anyone else.

By learning about which signature you were incarnated into and its quality, the spirit pathway is now with you to travel onwards on your journey.



The 7 Rays are soul qualities and energies related to the constellations and our solar systems. The private Self known to you only but not to you as this is a quality and energy which is felt but cannot be described.

By learning the nature of your soul and which constellation and astrology sign it relates too, you will become aware of your deepest desires and align yourself to that truth.



The indigenous people of the planet were the first to use archetypes or characters to describe the nature of a person and how they acted in the physical world. These stories became legends and fairy-tale stories which has manifested into children cartoons, Disney films and Legends of immortal men and women in classical studies as legends such as HERCULES.

By learning how you perceive yourself and in turn how you place yourself within a family, team /group environment you will discern how your choices are impacting your desires to succeed on your life path or business life. This is your centre where your beliefs comes from if you are off centre life becomes a challenge.

By learning this aspect of ‘Self’ you will discern the Right Use of Will.



In Chinese astrology the twelve animal signs corresponds to 30 degree angle of the 360 degree compass as well as the heaven and earth. The use of I Ching and Feng Shui is created to describe the physical realm that we live in and to give divination, order and Form.

Prior to this was and indigenous system called the MahaVastu ‘that also gave a scientific analysis of the effects of your geographical location and immediate surrounding on a physical and mental traits, so as to ensure compliance with the natural laws, in order to achieve the desired life’. Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal

By learning this information you will have a good understand of how the physical Self manifest itself on the planet. This is your Public self, known to you and to others and shows how align you are with your surrounding and the direction of your spiritual pathway.  



The sun signs and moon signs are common knowledge to most of us base on the date we were born. The usefulness of this information is to help you understand how your mental mind works and the negative and positive aspects of your belief structures and how you relate to other star signs.

This is your hidden Self but known to others. Your words are physical and when you construct a sentence you manifest and impression i.e. a thought form. By learning how a sun sign is expressed in your life will help you understand firstly your own mind. This is important, to how you, give and receive is the same in truth. Do you really know your truths this workshop will help you deconstruct and re-construct your intentions to bring harmony into your life?



The understanding of the colour vibration that you radiate outwardly to the world is an aspect of the magic of colour. Colour is light and there is an energy which it vibrate to that can be discern in music. Colour is everywhere and we are attracted and repelled by colour. The vibration of colour can be determine via sound, numbers and letters. Our world is manifested by sound and light so it is our pleasure to lead you to your light so you can shine brightly.

By learning how the magic of colour resonate in your life you will understand the underlining truth to your soul journey. The lessons you are continually learning changes with the choices you make and the light frequency you transmit, physical, mentally or spiritually. Take a step into the world of colour to understand how and why you communicate the way you do. How to attune to the vibrations of others and to effectively make a difference in your own life and be of service to others.


The DNA Communication Blueprint is an amazing self discovery tool to find out and understand your own personal magic. The workshop is only available at the iiofJOY. You will get a full understanding  of yourself at every level of being including:

  • Understand who you are.
  • Finding out what your personal colours are and how they influence your life.
  • Why you see the world the way you do.
  • How to enhance your spiritual evolution.
  • How to become of service.


6 x half day workshops

£75 per workshop (Price before members’ discount at 25%)


Cherry Baillie

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