Pre Course

What it Is

Originally consisting of 5 modules, the pre-course has now been expanded to 6 modules. The pre-course will also be available as an online course in the Spring of 2017. The pre-course allows participants to get to know the tutors, and gain an insight to what they can learn on the full Holistic Life Success Skills course. Delegates will gain an understanding of where they are now and what they can do straight away to experience greater joy and fulfilment in life.

“As a result of attending the pre course, I want to continue this journey to know, feel and operate from a place of joy.”

“The pre course has been a very nice and  gentle way to start making the changes needed to reach a higher, more joyful vibration.”

“I would love to continue to learn more about how the the energy of my mind, body and spirit can be harnessed to take me higher as a universally aware being.”

“I enjoyed finding out what my name means, what yoga really is, learning about dowsing and how to nurture my thoughts and emotions.”

“I learned a lot about how emotions can lower your vibration and that even sympathy can lock you into a lowered state”


Course Overview:

Module 1: Getting from here to where you want to be

Delegates will gain insight into the pre course and the steps that can be taken to help them feel the way they want to feel every day. Delegates will assess their lives as it is today and highlight the priority areas that need to be addressed in order to experience more joy. Delegates will also receive an Intuitive Wellbeing Assessment on one of the 8 areas of life.

Led by Carine Campbell

Module 2: Your Personal Magic: DNA Communication Blueprint

Delegates will gain insight in to who they really are, why they are the way they are and how to make the most of their own unique personal magic. Delegates will also receive a mini DNA Communication Blueprint report.

Led by Cherry Baillie

Module 3: Igniting Your Personal Magic: Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit

Delegates will gain understanding of how their mental, physical and spiritual self can be balanced and harmonised. They will gain insight personal ethics and how this impacts personal success.

Led by Anne Tison

Module 4: Your Personal Hardware Tool: The Body

Delegates will learn body awareness and to listen to messages from the body. They will gain understanding about how to fine tune the body to be a wonderful instrument of joy.

Led by Jacquline Hannam

Module 5: Managing Your Personal Software Tool: E-motions                   

Delegates will gain understanding of their personal energy system and vibration and learn what their ‘yes’ and what their ‘no’ feels like. Delegates will also learn how to spot the ‘wobbles’ that can cause their moods to spiral downwards further away from joy.

Led by Jo Constantinou

Module 6: Your Cloud Software: Spirit & Mind

Delegates will gain understanding of how their spiritual self interacts with and can guide their human self. They will gain insight into the power of the mind and how the mind impacts everyday life to bring joy or misery as well as reconnecting with their higher self, their personal GPS

Led by Carine Campbell