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1. International Instituere of Joy Ltd reserves the right to decline to accept any application for subscription or enrolment to courses. For the fees quoted we will supply the course material. All other services described in the promotional material are provided free of charge, unless otherwise stated.

2. If paying by instalments, you agree to pay your instalments promptly each month irrespective of the speed at which you are studying. International Instituere of Joy Ltd reserves the right to postpone or cancel attendance at future courses or withhold course materials whilst any payment is overdue. If any instalment shall be more than 30 days overdue, the full balance of the fees shall become due.

3. Course materials (where applicable) will be sent to you via email a minimum of 24/48 hours prior to the commencement date of the course, providing you have given us your correct email address and details. If you do not receive the materials within this period, you should notify us immediately. Otherwise, we shall be entitled to assume that you have received them. You will be asked to confirm receipt of your course material.

4. Failure to attend a course or to complete a series of courses shall not entitle you to withhold payment of fees or to receive any refund.

5. Copying, adaptation or other use of any course materials supplied by International Instituere of Joy Ltd or its Practitioners, without first obtaining written permission from International Instituere of Joy Ltd and/or its Practitioners, is prohibited.

6. Unless otherwise stipulated in your membership application or booking form, International Instituere of Joy Ltd may use your personal data for administrative and update purposes and may keep this information for a reasonable period and may contact you by email, mail, SMS or telephone to let you know about any courses or promotions which might be of interest to you. If you have booked the course for another person, you must confirm that they have authorised you to act for them, to consent to the processing of their personal data and to receive any fair collection notices on their behalf.

7. If you have booked the course for another person, these terms and conditions shall be binding on you and the participant and references herein to “you” shall mean or include “the participant”, where appropriate. It shall be your responsibility to ensure that these terms and conditions are brought to the notice of the participant and you shall indemnify International Instituere of Joy Ltd against any loss, damage or liability resulting from your failure to do so.

8. All course fees must be paid at the time of booking.

9. Course content may be subject to change.

10. Members/Students should be aware that they are agreeing to our T&Cs when making a purchase from our website.


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Yoga Classes Disclaimer:
It is your responsibility to let your teacher know about any medical conditions such as recent injuries, pregnancy, etc. because while some of the practices might be beneficial some others might be injurious and should be modified or avoided.  If you have any doubt about your medical condition or the suitability of yoga for you, please consult your doctor.