Article: The real reason people fail to accomplish their goals

Our past experiences, positive or negative, affect our present lives in a much bigger way than we could ever imagine. All previous experiences, which are seemingly insignificant can get lodged in our subconscious mind and as we grow through life, the seemingly insignificant things gather the potential to affect our present, in the same way a snowball gathers more snow as it rolls along.

A simple statement from a parent such as ‘you are so clumsy’ could be the seed that prevents that child living an accident free life as an adult. The potential is enhanced by the emotional charge of both parties in the moment the incident occurs or the regularity upon which the comment is made to the child. Similarly, a child with a parent who never makes good on their promises, can become identified with that trait and take it as their own, growing to become an adult who is unable to accomplish their goals. This is just a sample of a myriad of scenarios which affect our lives and it is not just limited to childhood. We record our experiences at a subconscious level every second of every day.

Our subconscious mind records the minute detail of everything we think, feel, do or say, positive or negative. Depending on the level of the emotion attached to the memory, the data will be recorded as would a scratch on the surface of the skin; very easy to heal and disappear or like a deep wound which can scar for life.

We are the products of our life experiences, our beliefs, perceptions and judgments, rightly or wrongly formed before this present moment. There are many leading authorities, gurus and authors who tell us that it is necessary to live in the present moment in order to find peace. Doing so prevents the past from influencing the current situation. When you consciously practice this, you can accomplish peace and happiness, even if those around you are in what can only be perceived as chaos.

The challenge is when you are no longer operating consciously; operating in the present moment when you are not consciously focused takes much practice, which is why Monks and Nuns have had to withdraw to a life of seclusion to accomplish any degree of success. So what hope is there for you or me?

The majority of people operate from the subconscious. All organ functions; heartbeat, breathing and digestion to name a few are all managed by the wonderful computer-the subconscious mind. Walking, riding a bike, typing, driving a car and everything else we can do with our eyes closed are all programmes that once mastered, are run by this awesome computer. We do most things subconsciously, and it is at these times, when our conscious mind takes a short break, that our subconscious steps in to keep us going.

However, with deeply rooted programmes from our past, this can sometimes mean that our well intended conscious mind plans are defeated by the beliefs held at a subconscious level.

So, we begin a New Year with honest desires to be healthy. We consciously sign up for classes, give up foods known to cause ill health, focus and train like an Olympian to achieve our goals. The challenge however, is that it can take a while for a new regime to become a habit that operates at a subconscious level. We therefore have to be alert and focused 24/7 for between 28-40 days to ensure that our well intended plans come to fruition.

Some make it; reducing dress sizes, give up chocolate, smoking or alcohol. Then they relax. The subconscious steps in, the past beliefs rear their ugly heads and many well intended new plans and programmes are over ridden by old, deep rooted, well-established ones. You can just imagine little mind gremlins stuck in their ways saying ‘we don’t like change around here!’.

It is essential to address the subconscious energies, limiting beliefs and perceptions if you are to have a chance at sustained success. Whether as an individual you want to learn a new skill, get a promotion, change career, loose weight, give up smoking, obtain financial security, or find lasting love.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to letting go of the old. Some deal with one issue at a time, some involve having to re-live the painful experiences of the past, others can deal with it effortlessly and painlessly.

People fail because they are their own worst enemy, not through conscious choice, but due to hidden beliefs perceptions and judgments that influence their behaviour patterns at subconscious levels every moment of their life. In order to achieve sustained success and joy in any area of your life the subconscious must be brought into balance with the conscious mind so that your good intentions can fall on fertile ground and flourish.