Show me the money!

Three steps to experiencing greater abundance

There is no difference between our personal energy and our money. Science has proven that everything is made up of energy. Everything has a vibration – even money.

Money is quite simply an effective means of exchanging your energy with other people and businesses. We are energetic beings with an electrical field and consequently we generate a magnetic field. Our magnetic fields attract things that are similar in vibration to our own. Like attracts like. It follows then that if you wish to attract more ‘positive’ money experiences it pays to be in a higher energetic vibration.

Quantum physics and biology has shown that we are constantly choosing outcomes to situations with our feelings. We create more of what we feel. It’s the law of Cause and Effect. We therefore need to know what it feels like to be abundant and then recreate that feeling as often as possible, until it becomes the norm.

We create more of what we feel.

STEP 1 – Get in touch with the feeling of abundance through gratitude

So, if you want more abundance, the first step is to focus on creating and sustaining a feeling of abundance. In fact, if you want more of anything focus on the feeling of having that thing. Gratitude and appreciation is the quickest route, they have a multiplying effect – by just focusing on the things that you love and appreciate your abundance factor multiplies exponentially. It really is that simple in principle, but if you truly understand what I have just said, you will also recognise that many of the feelings we have been pushing money away from us – our negative thoughts and feelings likes worrying, complaining and doubting all create a negative movement on our bank balance. These feelings generate more experiences that create the same feeling – they are a self fulfilling prophecy. Believe me I know, and am sure you have experienced what I am talking about even if you have not recognised it as such.

Some of these negative thoughts and feelings may be habitual, stemming from past experiences and childhood conditioning, others may have evolved through trauma – highly charged emotional experiences concerning money.


You do not have to be stuck in any situation, you have Free Will and you can use it to make choices that will support you to transform your life. In fact, that is right way to use your Free Will, not to force or coerce anything or anyone to do one thing or the other, but to consistently choose better thoughts and feelings for yourself. There is a famous prayer that says ‘Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from all Evil‘ which is actually a plea to your inner wisdom to help you to make choices that lead you to a better place.

Use your FREE WILL to choose ‘better feeling thoughts’ a phrase coined from Abraham (Ester and Jerry Hicks). Focus on what you want to experience, not what you do not want. Use Gratitude and appreciation for the small things to keep you thoughts and feelings positive until you experience bigger things that keep your thoughts and feelings positive and joyful.

STEP 2 – Hold your focus until the time is right

Having said that, the next step requires you to observe the wisdom of nature reflected in the seasons. It is all about timing. Having harnessed the power of our WILL to think constructive thoughts which trigger supportive feelings we also have to recognise that we are part of a ecosystem which operates within natural laws. Just as our energy vibration can change with a thought, so the universal energies change with the movement of the planets. As sure as night follows day and Spring follows Winter the time for you to manifest the harvest of your thoughts will come. Its never too late to plant the seeds of thought that will bring you what you want and never allow yourself to believe that your hard work is in vein – your time is coming.

STEP 3 – Believe that you are abundant – now!

That brings us quite nicely to the final step – Believing. You have to believe with all your heart that you can have the abundance and that you deserve the abundance. Believing in your heart, meaning with conviction, feeling it or just plain knowing that you are abundant can be the tricky bit and is not as easy as it first sounds, particularly when you are carrying conflicting ideas or have beliefs that are creating a completely different reality for you. But it is possible when you know how. It’s about letting go or getting rid of the conflicting ideas you hold about abundance and rewiring your belief system to work in your favour.

You cannot have what you are not willing to become – Changing your beliefs, changes your DNA, changes your vibration, changes your experiences.

Decide what you are going to believe, decide what is the truth;

A) that there scarcity everywhere and not enough for everyone


B) that there is more than enough for everyone and that your abundance is waiting for you to align with the right vibration so that you can receive it.

I hope you chose B, but if you entertained A, even for a nano second it is very likely that you are holding a belief that is almost certainly getting in the way of your abundance.

Hopefully you will have noticed that I have not mentioned anything about working hard here, well not in the physical sense. The only hard work required is internal – maintaining focus, (keeping your eye single) despite how things may appear externally. Your work is in the ‘being’ abundant, not the ‘doing’ work to gain abundance. Your work is to receive the small things with deep gratitude so that when they arrive, the bigger things know they have come to the right place – remember like attracts like. Your work is to breathe, inhaling and accepting with deep gratitude all the little things that bring you joy and exhaling, letting go of all the things that cause you pain to make room for your abundance.

Having enquired about the nature of beliefs for over 30 years, turning it upside down, inside out and back again there is a solid understanding and know how at the iiofJOY about transforming mindsets to encourage greater abundance. If any of what you have read resonates with you, get in touch – there is a wealth of information, workshops and one to one consultations available to guide you to greater abundance.

Get out of the way and let the abundance flow!

by Carine Campbell