The answer to all personal and worldly challenges comes from within.

When challenges arise try to find within yourself the root that is the cause. It may be a belief, it may be something you have done, it could also be something you have not done. Inaction can be as damaging and wrong action.

I had an encounter this week with a relative who went ballistic when I declined to get involved with the high drama of family issues. I am not a confrontational person and so I wondered how and why this had landed in my lap. Quickly, I searched for meaning. I have been trialling a programme developed by a good friend and iiofJOY tutor, Anne Tison, which is all about integrating the jewel Ahimsa ‘harmlessness’ into everyday life. I thought I had this jewel in the bag when I chose to extract myself this family business which to my mind was non of mine. However as I searched for meaning from this unprovoked attack I realised that my inaction was in fact the cause.

I was reminded that anything I am aware of, whether it is my direct business of not, is my responsibility. If there is nothing that I can do physically, I can, at the very least, ask for forgiveness for my part in the issue and pray for healing for those in the thick of it.

Promptly after the altercation, I repeatedly recited  ho’oponopono which is an an Hawaiian technique that I first learned from the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale and was recently reminded of by Anne in her programme on Ahimsa. This simply methodology helped me to accept my part in my family’s discord and to forgive myself for my trespass. As soon as I was able I used SRT and Psych-K to help me identify and clear the roots of the problem.

This was a classic example of an event that could send you spiralling down into feeling like a victim. However, I had in place tools which helped to transform what could have become a major family explosion affecting the whole of my family group into a tiny ripple. Even I was surprised.

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