Passive Activism – The Bonus of iiofJOY Membership

Now more than ever is the time for people to come together. Race, gender, religious belief and sexuality separate us on the physical plane, but beyond it all we are from the same source, of the same creator and are equal. On this physical plane membership to iiofJOY offers discounts, information and remote healing. On the spiritual plane it is the acknowledgement of our unity and equality and it is the opportunity to create a more harmonious spiritual and physical world.

Even though you may not, for whatever reason,  actively participate in any iiofJOY activities or attend the third party events promoted, your membership is a beacon of light that effects everything on this physical plane. If you take your membership to the mission of iiofJOY seriously you can make a positive impact on your own life and the world purely through your belief in the right for everyone to experience greater joy. Physical things and our physical experiences follow our thoughts and beliefs – everything that is happening around us has its roots in our collective or shared mind.

Consequently, sitting in your armchair and dreaming of joyful things is a good thing. If more people would do just that and do it consistently, the effects would begin to permeate our world.The reality is that most people when sitting in the comfort of their homes are more likely to dwell on everything that is not right in their lives and the world and the media perpetuates this.

Go ahead, be a couch potato, but be sure to use the creative energy of your thoughts to bring more joy to yourself and others by focusing on and appreciating the good things in your life and not the challenges which are our opportunities to grow. Of course you must deal with the challenges, which will always come because there is always a need to grow,  but do not give them more energy than is absolutely required. See them for what they truly are – opportunities to grow!

If you do not, you are merely contributing to the discord and inequalities that we see every day on our TV and in the news. We are collectively responsible for what happens in our world because of the thoughts we choose to give preference to.

Be wise, use your mind to choose a different perspective –  when you’re on the sofa, be a passive activist – use your thoughts to create JOY and stay on the JOY RIDE!

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