Article: Mankind is evolving…

Mankind is evolving, do you know yourself well enough to benefit from the changes ahead?

Mankind is on the verge of a new phase of evolution, more and more people are becoming aware of their abilities to communicate with higher consciousness and their higher selves. We are learning that by raising our vibration we can move from our ordinary state of mind with concerns about health, money, work and relationships, to a higher frequency that allows us to see our situations from a different perspective and find real and permanent solutions.

 With this comes the balancing out of all that is out of balance, which may mean that we have to face the things we have been denying, things that have caused ill health, financial troubles and discordant relationships. Our old habits and behaviours that have brought this imbalance will need to be faced and corrected. This can be experienced as a struggle which is the old method adopted by humanity, as we have fearfully held onto the things that caused us pain because we feared that something else might be even worse, hence the saying ‘better the devil you know’.

However, with the blessing of Grace within this new evolutionary phase, change for the better has never been easier. All that is required is the heartfelt intention to change for the better, the sustained vibration of the intention and wilful action that moves you towards your stated goal. Then the threads of a new, higher vibrational tapestry of your life will begin to weave themselves into being as you are gently guided forward by the wisdom of your higher self.

 Although this is all possible right now, very few have the know-how to do it. There is much information available on the internet and many have some understanding of some elements of the process, but not enough people have sufficient knowledge of the entire process or understand that it is their birth right to live a life of JOY.

 Joy and bliss are very high vibrations and most will have experienced these feelings at some point in their lives. However, the feeling is often short lived. Something or someone happens and the vibration falls. Fear, doubt, worry, frustration, pain, shame and guilt are usually the cause. The reason an individual will experience joy is varied for each person, one persons joy is another persons pain, so there is no right or wrong way to experience this feeling. Often people may use music, dancing, singing or going to a religious gathering to help raise their spirit if only for a short while. But it doesn’t have to be so fleeting an experience.

 On a personal level the benefits of living a truly joyful life speaks for itself and I am not talking about doing an impersonation of a swan – everything looks beautiful, composed and together on top and underneath the water your legs are frantically flapping around in a chaotic panic. True Joy is when you experience on balance more peace than pain, you will always have challenges, that is how we learn and grow – two months ago I was in a car crash that could have gone horribly wrong, my joy dipped as I questioned how I had attracted this to my life, but I now know how to pick myself up from these situations which could easily send you down a path of negativity especially when a uninsured driver is involved – but when you are able to understand a negative experience and put it into context, you are able to recover with more speed and not have sustained periods of sadness. You are able to overcome the joy thieves.

 It is essential not only for yourself, but also for the planet as a whole that you know how to find your joy and sustain it. We see the news everyday, with atrocities appearing to get worse over time. Our current world situation is the result of all those negative energies and emotions that we as human beings have swept under the carpet. Energy is, it cannot disappear so if something negative isn’t given expression it will find a home somewhere. Our current world situation is our responsibility, it is our mess and we can do our bit to turn it around not necessarily by being activists, but by raising and sustaining our own vibration. Think of it like a pebble that hits the water, the ripple effect of your joy reaches far and wide affecting family, friends and the world at large and if you are familiar with the story line of the children’s movie Monsters Inc, you will remember that joy and laughter is infinitely more powerful than fear. So we all need to be of good cheer not just for birthdays or bar mitzvahs but everyday. You matter. Your contribution matters.

 Quite simply, all you need, is to know yourself and to know that nothing happens outside of yourself. You are central to all you experience, you are the control centre; and if you are the centre of what you experience you have the ability to change what you experience for the better and I am not suggesting that you try to con yourself with affirmations. You truly have the ability to experience heartfelt joy every moment of every day if only you would believe it.

 So the question I will leave you with is ‘do you know yourself?’