Energy Healing – What is it and how can it help me? by Carine Campbell

Energy healing comes in many forms, a simple hug can be very restorative to an injured soul as can a listening ear or kind, inspiring words. When our intentions are pure, well intended actions can make a huge difference to someone in need. So why is it that a hug or someone to listen to us  or a walk in nature can have such a profound effect?

In essence we are all healers and teachers of each other and it is the exchange of unconditionally loving energy with another person or with nature that can cause a positive change in our feelings towards greater wellbeing.  Our minds and bodies are a complex web of electrical energy which generates a magnetic field around us. As two people interact, their energy fields interact also. Consequently, if one person is holding a genuine and unconditionally loving intent for another, this will be felt by the other and enhance the feeling of wellbeing. It works the other way too, this  is why we are able to pick up bad vibes from others. When it comes to nature, the earth, trees, plants and  animals are all in alignment with the creator whose intent is always unconditionally loving and when we are in nature we connect to this vibration. The effects of nature can be heightened when we walk barefoot along the seashore or on wet grass or touch (with both hands) wet trees or immerse our hands in garden soil. This is because water helps us as electrical beings to create an electrical circuit with the planet which is also electrical. When we do this we tap into the high vibrations of nature, another great teacher.

As we progress in life, learning from our challenges and using what we learn in a positive way, our energetic vibration or frequency is elevated along with our ability to heal ourselves and others. The wisdom gained in our life journey can be very useful to someone further back on the same path and this is why we can all be regarded as healers and teachers of some description.

There are some who are born with a natural ability to heal another through listening, words and also touch, whilst others can acquire this ability if they choose to do what is necessary to raise their vibration. It is not something that is restricted to the few. We are all equal and all have the potential to become whatever we choose. It only appears that others have a gift because those who display a healing ability will have made choices in the past which have led to their current circumstance.

The past I refer to is not limited to this lifetime, but to an existence beyond. As bundles of energy we have always existed, it is a scientific fact that energy cannot be created or disappear, it can only change form and so we, as bundles of energy changed form,  from being bundles of energy out of a body before our birth, to being bundles of energy in a body after birth. In actual fact, it is spiritual energy that brings our bodies to life and sustains it. In its simplest form it is the breath.

Whether the form of healing is Reiki, crystal, colour, spiritual, counselling, laughing, dancing, art or singing to name a few, it is all restorative for the soul, however some forms can be more powerful than others because those facilitating the healing will have developed a stronger connection to the source of all healing which is Source, GOD, Creator, Universe, Jesus or your preferred word for the creator of everything. If you think of it in computer terms, those with a stonger connection have developed a larger bandwidth and are able to bring through more of the well intended unconditionally loving healing energy, than someone who has not yet developed this capacity.

Love and forgiveness are the main tools that are available to assist us to widen our bandwidth. We can work towards this through our daily choices, systematically working through our lessons loving, forgiving, accepting and releasing. However we can also gain additional assistance through receiving healing from others, fast-tracking  to where we really want to be in life. We can struggle through it or we can choose ease.

Today, many have given in to a life of struggle, accepting the daily challenges as ‘normal’. We do have lessons we all need to overcome, but sometimes we make it harder than it need be by choosing to charge full steam ahead at the barrier instead of looking for ways around, over or under it. Energy healing helps to  reconnect you to that part of yourself that always knows the answer, freeing your mind and spirit so that you are able to see from a different or better perspective. Whilst the challenge may remain the same, your ability to overcome it is enhanced through your better connection to that part of yourself that knows how to solve every problem quickly and easily.

Whether you choose healing with an entry point at the level of the mind, body or spirit,  all healing forms assist you to change perspective, experience a paradigm shift and in some cases experience a miraculous change for the better. Some people experience physical healing and relief of pain, others get clarity of mind and solutions to problems, whilst other experience inner peace and tranquility that helps them to make better decisions. All experience relief from stress, heightened awareness and the ability to relate more harmoniously to others.

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