The essence of Agape is best described by its founder, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith: _When I founded the Agape International Spiritual Center and community in 1986, we _visioned_ it as a movement that would take a stand for love, for peace, for being a beneficial presence on the planet. That_s why it was named _Agape,_ which in Greek means unconditional love. Agape_s vision is fueled by the love of God, the One, indefinable yet unmistakable Presence whose vehicle on earth is the human heart and soul. My aspiration is that every individual who is touched by the vibration of Agape is inspired to cultivate a heart of love as wide as the world._

Art of Connection

The Art of Connection is all about bringing like minded positive people together to network and become better connectors. Better connection gives us more of the right kinds of relationships and more of what we want in life. Get ready for some phenomenal events, jam packed with rapport building tools that will give you more connection with anyone and everyone from all walks of life.

Congruent People

Congruent People can help you to:

  • Eliminate habits and behaviour that sabotage success on an individual and professional level
  • Improve performance by unlocking your potential
  • Manage conflict and optimise an environment for health and happiness
  • Develop relationships with colleagues, management and clients that advance success on all levels
  • Develop intuitive capabilities to gain competitive advantage at work
  • Develop bespoke personal development strategies

Eli Chan


Health Kinesiology

This system has been created around 40 years ago by Dr Jimmy Scott. It focuses on identifying stresses within energy system and realising them by holding appropriate energy points. At first after its development the system focus mainly on synergies of persons energy system with various substances. Dr Scott has realised that sometimes when body energy doesn’t recognise some energy pattern correctly it can produce various symptoms that sometimes correspond with medical allergies (but it is important to remember that they are not the same although they overlap sometimes). By re-educating the body system to recognise the problematic pattern produced symptoms can be released.

From there the system has been expanded to incorporate many psychological corrections that help to deal with thought patterns, anxieties and so on. Health Kinesiology also effectively deals with disturbances in persons bio-magnetic fields that can cause slow metabolism, difficulty healing, pain sensations or feeling of “fogginess”. How a person is affected varies from one individual to another. Over all those years Health Kinesiology became very comprehensive system that approaches person as a unique individual and treats them according to their individual needs thus allowing very holistic and effective approach.

Three-In-One Kinesiology

“One Brain is a new and unique approach, to locate and correct stressors that may be causing dyslexia, fears or anything that is limiting you from creating what you want for yourself.” Lauren Bergland

Three-In-One Concepts also known as One Brain Stress Release is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that looks surprisingly like a traditional sit-down counselling session. The big difference is that there is no need to talk about the stress week after week, year after year. Once the emotional “stress issue” is identified, this therapy offers tools to diffuse the stress immediately.  The method is deceptively simple but remarkably profound. Muscle-testing – gentle pressure on the arms – is used to access your body’s whole-system memory (not just the conscious mind). The questioning process allows the individual to access information from the body-mind that helps to release past-time perceptions that have limited present-time possibilities. With this release comes access to authentic response and Choice, as opposed to re-action.

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Global Winning Women

Friendly, thriving and supportive community to connect, learn and grow alongside other entrepreneurial women. We want to create a global sisterhood where women empower each other to live extraordinary lives. One of our mission is to inspire women to live their authentic dreams, by creating online groups where women can connect and support each other, whatever stage of their journey they are at.

World Goodwill

The Lucis Trust has Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and World Goodwill is recognised by the Department of Public Information at the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). As such the Trust and World Goodwill are part of a community of many hundreds of NGOs that play an active role in the United Nations, particularly in spreading information about the UN and fostering support for UN programs. Since their inception Lucis Trust and World Goodwill have given their support through meditation, educational materials and seminars, by highlighting the importance of the UN’s goals and activities as they represent the voice of the peoples and nations of the world. The Lucis Trust promotes recognition and practice of the spiritual principles and values upon which a stable and interdependent world society may be based. The esoteric philosophy of its founder, Alice Bailey, informs its activities which are offered freely throughout the world in eight languages.

Xplor Film

Film makers that bring human stories to life and connecting you with the right audience. Xplorfilim recognises that people respond better to real people, whether for marketing, brand engagement or for training and spreading information throughout an organisation. Promo, Website stories, Events, Documentaries, Advert and much more