Alchemy Key

Ann-marie, Founder of Alchemy Key, sees that with a culmination of being ‘self’ aware and being ‘environmentally’ aware, people can actually start to heal their inner & outer spaces. Her 15 years of Interior Architecture and 5 years of subtle energy work has culminated into the Alchemy Key.  It is her mission and passion to give people tools to unlock their own healing. A power within us all!!!

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Healing Orchids

In the tradition of the Bach Flower Remedies and the Australian Bush Flower Essences, the Living Tree Orchid Essences are produced in Scotland using tropical orchids grown in a greenhouse. Their home is now on the Isle of Gigha in Scotland, where the bottling and distribution is also carried out. One distinguishing feature of orchid essences in general is their ability to act upon the chakras which exist above our body. This combines with their action in the body to create very powerful shifts in our energy fields, often with very immediate effect. They also have an overall strong focus on helping us directly in relation to our spiritual path. Introductory six-day seminar on the LTOE at Achamore House several times each year in the autumn, winter and early spring months.

Valerie Pitts

Valerie Pitts (MICCH; DTLLS) is a fully qualified teacher, practising healer and has been running crystal workshops and crystal healing courses in London for the past 16 years. Crystal healing aims to help others empower themselves, bringing quality back into their lives to create balance and wholeness with love, joy and laughter, encouraging them to live happily in the here and now.


Frozen Water Crystal art from Dr Masaru Emoto: “I believe the original idea of creation by the creator of this universe was the pursuit of beauty. Everything is combination of energetic vibration. As vibration resonates, it makes some tangible objects. Combination of non-resonating vibration can result in destructive energy, and nothing can be created out of it. When some vibration and the other resonate each other, it always creates beautiful design. Thus, most of the Earth is covered with beautiful nature. That is why scientists, philosophers, and religionists pursue for unknown facts. Is it presumptuous to suggest them taking paths with the pursuit of beauty in mind as a means to confirm their right paths?”

The beautiful works of Dr Masaru Emote can be found in his book ‘The Hidden Messages of Water’ and associated titles.