Mind Body Spirit Festival

The Mind Body Spirit Festival was founded in 1977 by Graham Wilson, fuelled by a desire for people to discover the spirit within and open themselves up to possibilities previously only dreamed of.

The Festival was the first exhibition in the world entirely devoted to the pursuit of healthier, more creative and fulfilling lifestyles. It offered a home for spiritual seekers and pilgrims from across the globe, offering them a safe place to commune, share ideas, beliefs and philosophies.

For the first time ever, the Festival brought together foremost authorities, best-selling authors, pioneers and leading organisations in the seemingly diverse areas of eco-living, natural health, complementary medicine, alternative technology, spirituality and personal growth.

This unique, ground-breaking formula created a blueprint for all future shows of this kind. Today, it remains the largest and longest running event of its kind in the world.

Now under the care and stewardship of Melvyn Carlile the Festival continues to evolve and grow to meet the needs of a whole new generation.

The next event will take place at Olympia London,   29th April Р2 May 2016

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Shola Arewa

Shola loves working with people and is passionate about transforming lives. A spiritual perspective underlies all her work. Whether it_s helping to restore health, build confidence or change career; She trains wellness coaches and supports them to make lifestyle changes and start new ventures. Her Coach Training and Health Programmes are designed to help you achieve your goals and reach your highest potential in life.