SRT – Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy is an effective healing system that involves the use of a pendulum, a set of charts and a specific series of questions that research and clear the subconscious mind and soul records, also known as the Akashic records, to affect change.

During the session limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, negative sub-conscious programming or restricting life patterns are identified at their source and the opportunity for real and lasting change for the better is revealed, lessons learned and discordant energies transmuted. Because of the way this therapy works it can be carried out remotely without the client having to be present. The soul records are cleared just as effectively. A one on one session is recommended however as it allows the client to receive beneficial relaxation time and a chance to discuss the findings to reach understanding, which can be a valuable part of healing.

A clearing can be completed in person, remotely worldwide or via phone/Skype consultation. Clients’ report their sessions to be enjoyable and fascinating. Information from the charts allows them to gain more understanding of themselves, their past and current issues as well as the process of creation itself.

How many sessions?

Everyone is unique and often just one clearing is needed to see a change. However, I have found that clients’ who undertake three sessions are more likely to commit to any personal change using the guidance and support to further their chance of success in the area of improvement they wish to see.

Price before members’ discount £75/hr