Why we do what we do

The purpose of the iiofJOY (International Instituere of JOY) is to help ordinary people to raise and sustain their vibration. Each person is a wonderful bundle of energy vibrating at various levels, and as such they have a frequency, a personal note or sound and a colour. This is known as an energy signature. A unique fingerprint in this wonderful universe.

Joy and bliss are very high vibrations, which when experienced are often short lived or infrequent. Something happens and our vibration falls. Fear, doubt, worry, frustration, pain, shame and guilt are usually amongst the cause.

The reason an individual will experience joy is varied for each person, one mans joy is another mans pain, so there is no right or wrong way to experience this feeling. Often people may use music, dancing, singing, going to a religious gathering to help lift the spirit if only for a short while.

The iiofJOY has been established to provide the information, knowledge and tools for the enrichment of life. We believe that everyone has the right to access the know-how and to develop the skills to navigate a better way through life to a place of JOY that is personal to them and have the know-how to remain there.

There is nothing inherently good or bad in this world, just things that move you towards or away from being your best self or experiencing your best life. Those things are different for everyone because we are all unique. Oftentimes, because there is so much choice, it difficult to make the choices that lead to the highest outcome.  However, there are ways to find out what works and what doesn’t and this is the reason behind the establishment of the iiofJOY.

The information and services available through the organisation are intended to provide practical guidance to assist individuals to develop the courage of their own conviction to follow their own infallible GPS to their own personal JOY and to stay there….longer!


The skills, information and services provided by the iiofJOY are tried and tested and proven through the tutor/practitioners own life experiences. Each and every tutor/practitioner member of the iiofJOY will have personally overcome many of the major life challenges experienced today including overcoming debilitating disease, grief, financial destitution, marital issues, divorce, parenting issues.

Through their personal learning and by using the ancient wisdom, information and skills available, these practitioners have rooted out the cause of their life challenges and healed their circumstances to the highest level possible instead of denying the situation, sticking plasters and hoping for the best.

Consequently, tutor/practitioners members of the iiofJOY are highly recommended having achieved a high degree of self mastery.

  • Carine Campbell

    iiofJOY Founder & Healing Facilitator

    Carine Campbell

    iiofJOY Founder & Healing Facilitator

    Carine trained as a Spiritual Response Therapist in 2004. Since then, her desire to provide her clients with a complete healing package has led her to widen her portfolio of skills to include Spiritual Restructuring, PSYCH-K, Soul Discovery Meditation and relaxation techniques.

    Aged 11, Carine experienced an amazing healing at the hands of her grandmother, since then her own ability to assist the body to heal using energy from her hands and prayer has become increasingly stronger. In an attempt to understand this skill and put her ability into context, she trained to become a Reiki Master/Teacher and now uses this skill as well as her own gift to assist her clients to release their blocks to joy.

    Carine is the author of the children’s book ‘Magnetic Me! Thinking my way to Happiness’, written in just 3 days, Magnetic Me! uses simple rhyming prose to guide readers, aged 6 upwards, to become aware of how their thoughts affect their reality and in so doing encourages the reader to take responsibility for their outcomes. Additionally, Carine is a marketing/business development professional with many years of experience in the field of professional services. She also ran a successful health and beauty business for 7 years and prior to that was an athletics coach.

    She now uses her knowledge, experience and understanding as a mother, stepmother, wife, divorcee and businesswoman to assist her clients to break free of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life patterns which prevent them living their best life. Carine offers one to one consultations and runs a number of comprehensive programmes to help her clients experience the freedom that she now enjoys everyday, gently guiding you to let go of the old, clean up the present and create the future you desire.

    What others say about her:

    “Carine was recommended by my friend who found that after she consulted Carine her life changed dramatically for the better. My consultation with Carine was a truly lovely, unique and interesting experience! Carine is a very positive, caring and empathic lady! I felt that my life had been a bit ‘stuck’ for a while. Carine helped me shift things and in just a short time my life moved on and I haven’t looked back.” Ulla

    ” I have had many SRT sessions ove the years with a variety of different practitioners but I have never come across anyone as thorough and committed as you. I left yesterday’s session with a feeling of freedom, happiness, genuine gratitude. Totally embodied. I am a different person and I truly feel this in every cell of my being. My gratitude know no bounds.” Caroline


  • Jo Constantinou

    Creative Wellbeing Founder & Healing Facilitator

    Jo Constantinou

    Creative Wellbeing Founder & Healing Facilitator

    Many years ago Jo found herself on a path that led towards self healing and a complete life change. She studied how our thought patterns positively or negatively affect our health and our existence, and discovered the amazing results of using energy clearing and releasing suppressed emotions. She now works with others, guiding them through the process of change and continues to be inspired by everyone she works with. Whether you wish to improve health, clear blocks from your life or change limiting thought patterns; by committing to a ‘new life path’ you will deepen your understanding of who you really are. Jo’s experience has shown that this can then open the door to happiness, peace, inner knowing, self acceptance and fulfillment.


    What others say about her:

    “I was recommended to see Jo for some SRT and healing and have never looked back. I have only seen Jo a few times and the results I have gained from seeing her have been tremendous. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Jo is very caring, extremely knowledgeable, kind, professional, excellent value for money, personable, optimistic, trustworthy, realistic, reliable and honest. Jo has always one the extra mile with me. Jo is named on my phone as my Fairy Godmother.  I can highly recommend Jo for SRT and any form of healing.” Liz

    “My sessions with Jo were extremely intriguing and very fascinating. It’s amazing to see the answers to the questions being given so swiftly and I definitely started to experience positive changes in my life and relationship. After the first session, I noticed a  definite cleansing reaction as my body threw off its toxins, which was quite astonishing and powerful. Jo works with great skill and compassion that is powered by her enthusiasm to assist people to move forward in their healing journey of self discovery.” Deborah


  • Helga Szerdaheyli

    Intuitive Life Coach

    Helga Szerdaheyli

    Intuitive Life Coach

    Helga is a master of intuition who has developed and honed her natural gift of clairvoyance present from a young age. Descending from Hungarian heritage where psychic abilities were abundant within her family, Helga naturally had a curiosity for such practices of spirituality, intuition, visions, clairvoyance, and connecting the source of universal wisdom. Having the sense of these abilities at a young age, she did not think anything of it, but simply felt a bit different from her peers. It was not until the age of 34 that Helga experienced an intense spiritual awakening which amplified her existing abilities, making them no longer possible to simply ignore. She was involved in a life threatening event which put all earthy perceptions into perspective. From that point on Helga had a clearer view and a desire to pursue and further develop her natural proclivities of the supernatural.

    Today Helga lives and works in London catering to private individuals and corporations offering services of life coaching and relationship consulting, spiritual response therapy, energetic intuition, tarot reading, and acting as a psychic medium. She perpetual grows her talent and sharpens her techniques while strengthening her own relationship and connection to spirit. Helga has been working in this space professionally for over 10 years. Most importantly Helga works with integrity and a non-judgemental philosophy adopting a holistic view to the individual; aiming to help each person reach their full evolution and empowering them to make the most informed decisions. Utmost discretion is always employed.‏

    What others say about her:

    “I have been working with Helga now for about 11month. She has been instrumental in guiding me through tough situations and has always given me the best advice taking into consideration the larger universal laws that are always in operation with every event in our lives. Her wisdom and gift to remotely change the energy fields around me and a given situation back to a neutral point has had amazing results and cast an overwhelming feeling of peace upon me. I highly recommend Helga for her services of SRT , energetic alignment, and life coaching. Thank you Helga!” Hannah

  • Cherry Baillie

    Life Architect & Founder of DNA Communication Blueprint

    Cherry Baillie

    Life Architect & Founder of DNA Communication Blueprint

    Cherry Baillie is a qualified Architect with a career spanning over 20 years as a designer, planner and builder. Her passion for architecture and for her clients to have inspirational living spaces has led her to learn Chue style Feng Shui, colour therapy and metaphysical insights into the human mind and thought forms. Her enthusiasm for self development came about due to her own skin dis-ease at 21 years of age that covered 85% of her body and making the decision to heal via holistic approaches which led her on her own journey of self mastery. By using her skin dis-ease as a teaching tool to heal the body, mind and spirit. Her desire to teach others through self-analysis how to transmute negative life experiences into a positive learning experience is key to becoming whole.

    CALAB is her unique insight into human development. In 2001 her Homeopath introduced her to Brandon Bays the Journey, which expanded her awareness of self and led her to know herself from a physical, mental, spiritual viewpoint. Cherry’s desire to change perspective of her skin dis-ease led her to advance into the unknown by taking the first step to learn something new, by studying Hatha yoga, the Brain Balancing Program, natural laws and metaphysical studies. By acting upon that knowledge through faith, trusting her intuition and believing in her holistic practitioners that real transformation was possible, she experienced her own personal miracle. The challenges of a successful career and physical dis-ease highlighted the polarities in life. By de-constructing and re-constructing her life with accurate knowledge of self, Cherry has successfully set up her own business LFB design consultants and CALAB and along with freelancing and ties it back to her passion, Architecture. Cherry’s collaborative approach to personal self-development came about when she connected all the experience in her own journey together. ARCHITECT YOUR LIFE is your opportunity to access proven design, planning and building principles applied to You, Leonardo’s Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man of Art and Architecture to help you order your steps and prepare a road map to mastery of ‘Thyself’.

    What others say about her:

    “I recently had a consultation with Cherry and found that her digestible insights into metaphysical matters very helpful in gaining further understanding of my own path. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anybody on the road to self-development.” Anne

    “Cherry Baillie is the font of all knowledge when it comes to the analysis and understanding of ‘self’. She has used her life experiences, skills and education to develop this unique service which no-one should be without. She has helped me to understand who I am, why I am and the purpose of my particular and unique gifts and talents. I would not be where I am today without her invaluable guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who desires a successful business and fulfilled life.’ Carine

  • Jacquline Hannam

    Holistic Wellbeing Facilitator and Yoga Teacher

    Jacquline Hannam

    Holistic Wellbeing Facilitator and Yoga Teacher

    Jacquline’s professional life over the last 30 years has been working on the creative & technical areas within the fashion industry; This very creative yet demanding industry has given her the opportunity to learn how to be a team player and maintain her joy in stressful environments. During the early part of her career, in her middle 20’s that she developed painfully challenging health problems, Fibroids and Endometriosis.

    Thirty years ago there was little understanding of this condition. Feeling despondent and isolated, she quickly realized the responsibility for regaining her health and life would lay with her and not total with conventional medicine; doctors, while sympathetic could not offer much in-terms of pain relief and a cure was never discussed as a possibility. Appreciating the benefits of a holistic approached to diet and the advantages that physical activities played in pain management, she began her journey to manage her condition, exploring and learning about the benefits of Yoga practices, while expanding her knowledge of highly nutritious Bio available foods.

    Over the last 30 years, she has learnt through her own body, the importance of a holistic consideration to health and well-being and continues to have an avid interest in health & nutrition. Turning to Vegetarianism, she leant to explore new ways to improve health through nutritious foods; her growing knowledge of nutrition and wonderful tasting food is still a lifelong passion that she shares with others today. Whilst having been a Yoga practitioner for many years, she gradually began to embracing the full spectrum of Yoga teachings. Coming from demanding corporate background which required you to constantly move on the next ‘New thing’ the Yoga practice of ‘allowing’ while ‘being present’ was and still is a very powerful lesson for her, both on and off the mat!

    Jacquline trained under Yog Sandari as an ‘Akhanda Yoga’ teacher. In Sanskrit ‘Akhanda’ means ‘whole’ or ‘indivisible’ and encompasses divers’ aspects of Yoga practice including Asana, Pranayama Meditation, Mantra and Visualization. Akhanda Yoga lineage is in Hatha Yoga. Jacquline’s classes integrates strong asana sequences and holistic flow to create challenging but authentic sessions. As an Akhanda Yoga, Yin Yoga and Face Yoga teacher it is her desire to hold the space for others to explore Yoga practices as a means to finding inner peace and tranquility and fully express themselves in the world.

    What others say about her:

    “Jacquline is an inspiration to me and all women! Having faced so many challenges she has risen above it all to develop a wonderful practice helping others to do the same. She is a font of knowledge on healthy living  and has helped me to create and practice a programme of health and wellbeing to suit my lifestyle.” Carine


  • Anne Tison

    Holistic Yoga Teacher

    Anne Tison

    Holistic Yoga Teacher

    Anne was born and raised in the French Alps and has been living in South London for over 20 years. She discovered yoga by chance in 1996 and became a fully qualified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher (500 hours Training) in April 2003.  She is passionate about taking Yoga off the mat and bringing it into everyday life:  to help you re-discover, awaken and liberate your inner magnificence so that your abundance of JOY flows and touches all those around you. Working in small classes or one on one, she encourage you to see your practice as a daily opportunity to have “me time”, to reconnect with yourself and embark on a wonderful journey of self-discovery, internal peace and living harmoniously with your environment.  The tools and techniques you will learn work on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane to help you develop flexibility, strength, stamina, awareness and control of both the breath & the mind. You will also discover how relaxation, visualisation, meditation and affirmations enhance and support you in practical way in everyday life.

    What others say about her:

    “Anne was instrumental in helping me to develop a deep understanding of yoga principals and their application to my life. Her teachings helped me to align my spiritual practice with the mind and body in a way that was personal to me. As a result of my bespoke one to one sessions I enhanced my ability to focus my mind and developed the discipline to accomplish my physical goals and deepen my meditation practice. This has all assisted me to live the joyous life that I experience more and more each day. Thank you for sharing your gift.” Carine

    “Doing one to one yoga classes with Anne was one of the best decisions I have made. She has been able to address my needs in a holistic approach. Her extensive experience in yoga and personal approach have greatly helped me in leading a more fulfilling life. I simply could not recommend her enough!” Cherry


iiofJOY work with individuals on a group and one to one basis. The group work via the Holistic Life Success Skills pre-course, Holistic Life Success Skills course, workshops, seminars, talks and classes are a valuable way to learn how to raise your vibration in a very supportive environment. Working in groups allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and form networks and friendships which can transform lives. It is a safe place for individuals to really be themselves without judgment.

One to One Guidance

Bespoke one to one assistance can help individuals to really dig deep to find their personal joy thief. iiofJOY has a number of practitioners who work in different ways to assist individuals to unravel knotty issues, overcome sticky life challenges and get to the roots of your blocks to joy.

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